Welcome! My name is Michelle, and welcome to Oats and Bows!


I reside in the DFW metroplex area in north Texas, I’m in my early 20’s and I recently graduated from college in Fall 2013. My degree is in emerging media and communications, so my education was fairly project based, meaning that I was graded on projects like blogs, logos for fictitious companies, short stories, and cat videos… yes… cat videos. I received grades for cat videos.

However, it wasn’t all fun and games in college. I also had a bad run-in with some health problems. These were mostly stomach related and caused serious side effects and nasty food intolerance. This called for me to really get my health in check if I wanted to be normal again. Thus, I change up my diet, joined crossfit and managed to blog about it as well (before I got too busy with classes and internships and had to put my blog on the back burner). By the time I graduated, I was considerably healthier and had a very good handle on the issues that remained.

Regardless of the speed bump, I loved every second of college and wouldn’t trade my education for the world. However, ever since I’ve graduated I’ve desperately missed having a creative outlet. Thus, here I am!

Here on this blog you can find mostly fashion and outfit related posts because it is one of my favorite creative outlets. But I don’t want to be one dimensional here. You’ll also be able to find some health related info, and the occasional cat picture… because let’s face it… the most stylish thing about me are my fancy cats.

Feel free to contact me, follow me on instagram, and tweet me on twitter! One of my favorite parts of blogging is reading other blogs, and meeting other bloggers!


  • http://leavingthecorneranddippingmytoes.blogspot.com/ Natalia

    I was also forced to make some changes, not as many as I should, but I’m slowly on my way. So happy to read what you have to share.


    • Michelle @ Oats and Bows

      Sometimes that’s the best way to really make change stick it! Thanks for stopping by Natalia :)