Plaid and Puppies

I know that I promised cats here, and trust me, I will deliver but I assume that there will be no objections to puppies today. This Christmas my family grew yet again with the addition of Shatzi the puppy. Why name her Shatzi? Well, there was a lot of backlash against that name after everyone started calling her “Schlotzsky’s”. But in the end, “Shatzi” still came out on top.  It means “darling” in German which my mom thought was fitting for a dachshund!

What’s really extra special about Shatzi joining the family is that our older dog, Shelby, is her biological grandmother. Shelby used to be a mommy dog at a breeder before we adopted her, so there are still a lot of little Shelby babies running around in the world. They’re pretty stinkin’ adorable together.

Today Shatzi is 11 weeks old and has been with us for 3 weeks, so it was time for some shots for the poor little girl. Let me start out by saying that I am so not a pants girl. I would rather be in a dress, skirt, or jeggings any day. I don’t know what it is, but I always felt like pants and jeans weren’t my thing. However, I made an exception with these plaid ankle pants from loft that I found on sale! I just love plaid for cooler weather.


Isn’t she a doll? Here are the outfit details!



Little Shatzi was a real trooper at the vet, and is now enjoying a nice little nap with her Grandma Shelby. As for the outfit:

Plaid Pants- Loft (similar)

White v-neck- J. Crew factory

Gold Flats- Kohls (similar)

Necklace- J. Crew Factory

Have a happy friday everyone! Until next time!

  • heidi

    oh dear, i am more of a cat person than a dog person but no one can deny how cute that little puppy is! what a sweet addition to your pet family! and i feel more comfortable in dresses and skirts rather than pants, too, but it’s great when you find a pair that totally work for you. these plaid ankle pants are really cute! have a nice weekend!

    • Michelle @ Oats and Bows

      She has certainly stolen my heart! Rest assured, that there will certainly be more cats coming soon though!

      You have an awesome weekend too Heidi :)