Caturday Saturday and a very early taste of spring

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week! I actually started a new job this week and have outfits and details to share, so forgive me for going out of order, but I really wanted to do my first Caturday Saturday today. What is Caturday? Well, I’m not sure yet… but today it’s an outfit plus a cat.

So, here in DFW, TX we have the most indecisive weather ever. Yesterday I went to work in a coat, hat, gloves, scarf… the whole bit. So, when the weather took a turn for the better today at 65 degrees, I went a bit overboard and pretty much dressed like it was already summer. Over kill? Probably, yes. Fun and refreshing? DEFINETLY.

Before the guest of honor arrives, let’s just get into the outfit! What I really love about this is that I got this skirt for such a steal! It’s J. Crew 2007 and I managed to find it on eBay in my size for a great price! It just makes me want to go to Hamptons and pretend I’m rich and preppy…




Skirt: J. Crew (on eBay here)

Tank top: H&M (similar)

Bracelet: J. Crew Factory

Wedges: DSW (similar)

Now, bring on the Caturday goodness and meet Fonzie! Full name is Fonzworth because he’s just so very fancy. But Fonzie for short. Sometimes I feel like I’m just not fancy enough of an owner for such a fancy cat.


Fonzie is an indoor cat and a homebody, so I took quite the chance taking him outside for a few moments to snap some shots with him. And “a chance” I mean I was taking a chance at getting my shoulders clawed off.. and I basically did.

Look at the camera Fonzie!


And here is one of my favorite features of the little guy… his cute little flat profile!


Love you goober…


And this concludes the first Caturday Saturday and probably the great weather as well! Have a wonderful weekend, all!

  • heidi

    i am sure i’ll be ditching the tights the very first day our temps rise past 50, but i have many, many more months to wait until that happens! i say enjoy the anomaly in the weather as long as you can and dress for it!

    your cat is so cute. gosh, i love big fluffy cats (i have one of my own!)

    • Michelle @ Oats and Bows

      Oh, I most certainly am enjoying it… sad that it will be over soon!

      Thank you!! Fluffy cats are the best!! 😀

  • Mica

    Aww, fonzie is too cute! :) I like your black and white outfit too, always a classic!

    Away From Blue

  • Pamela Runsick

    That skirt is SO fun! And your cat is adorable!!!